Australia 1880-1950

History Keypoints Australia 1890 - 1950

by Anthony Lynch

ISBN : 978-0-9757457-6-2

RRP: $45.00 AUD

This book covers the following topics :

  • Steps toward federation - political developments in the last decades of the 19th. Century
  • Political and social developments after Federation
  • Self image and national identity
  • Foreign policy before World War One
  • Australia and World War One - Gallipoli and the Anzac legend, the Western Front
  • Society during World War One - social and political crises, the conscription issue and Billie Hughs
  • Australia after World War One - social and economic problems and issues, immigration, union unrest
  • Men, money and markets - the policies of the Bruce-Page government
  • Foreign policy after World War One - Australia's global concerns, Japan
  • Australia and the Depression - Niemeyer and the Plans
  • Australia in political crisis in the 1930s - the ALP split, Jack Lang and the issues in NSW
  • The impact of the Depression - the social cost
  • Foreign policy before World War Two - Australia's global concerns, appeasement, Japan
  • Australia and World War Two - Japan, Australia and the USA
  • The impact of war on society - the fear of invasion, the US presence, women
  • The Chifley years - strikes, banks and electoral defeat

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