by Anthony Lynch

ISBN 978-0-9757457-8-6

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This book covers the following topics :

1. Greece and Persia at War

  • The Ionian Revolt and the Persian reaction
  • Darius's invasions of Greece
  • The role of Athens, the Battles of Marathon and Salamis, the defeat of Darius
  • The role of Miltiades
  • Xerxes' invasion of Greece
  • The role of Sparta and the formation of the Greek League
  • Themistocles and Athens' development as a sea power
  • Military campaigns 480-478 BC : Thermopylae , Artemisium, Salamis, Plataea and Mycale

2. Sparta, Athens and the creation of the Delian League

  • Sparta's actions and attitudes in the final campaigns against Persia
  • The activities of Pausanias
  • reasons for decline of Sparta's influence - Thucydides views
  • Athens' role in leading the Greeks
  • The formation of the Confederacy of Delos or Delian League
  • The structure and constitution of the League
  • The purpose and the aim of the League
  • The unique role and position of Athens
  • Role of Aristides

3. From Delian League to Athenian Empire

  • The actions of the Delian League - Thucydides' account (Book 1.98-101)
  • The transformation from league to empire
  • The campaigns of the League - Eion, Scyros, Carystus, Naxos, Eurymedon, Thasos and Samos
  • The reasons for Athens' domination
  • Transfer of the League treasury in 454 BC and the emergence of classes of membership

4. Cimon : an Athenian imperialist

  • Cimon's military successes
  • His domination of Athenian politics and his foreign and domestic policies
  • Cimon's relationship with Sparta - the helot revolt
  • Opposition to Cimon - his ostracism

5. Ephialtes and Pericles

  • The actions and reforms of Ephialtes - reform of the Areopagus and attack against the oligarchs
  • The actions and reforms of Pericles - citizenship law, payment for office, extending the system of lot
  • The issue of democracy versus oilgarchy - Pericles' role

6. The Athenian Imperial System and expansion of the Empire 456- 446 BC

  • Athenian interference in the independence of its allies - military, political, financial and legal interference
  • Athens' relations with Sparta and its interence in the Peloponnese
  • Athens' disasterous campaign in Egypt
  • The Thirty Year Peace with Sparta

7. Pericles' Political Position after 450 BC

  • Pericles' position and power
  • The building of the Parthenon and the use of League funds
  • Opposition to Pericles and the activities of Thucydides, son of Melesias
  • Pericles' foreign policy and Athenian military activity in north Aegean, the Black Sea region and against Samos

8. Causes of the Peloponnesian War

  • The Archidamian War : Policy and Strategy
  • The Archidamian War
  • The Peace of Nicias
  • The Sicilian Expedition
  • The Ionian War and the defeat of Athens

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